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A collection of resources aimed at helping users and developers alike.

Available Resources

List of resources currently available

Name Author Views
Color Forum Names
Learn the very easy method to give a forum name a color.
Steven Oosterhoff 15274
cpredirect() : Developer defined timeout
Set message timeout to specified length.
mtjo 4110
Custom Font
Add any font you'd like to your forum, fonts you made, fonts you've downloaded, and other fonts!
Steven Oosterhoff 19558
Custom text selection
If you hate defaut text selection and you want something new
Steven Oosterhoff 1965
Disappearing Text In Input Fields
Add Static text to your input fields which disappears on clicking in there and re-appears on clicking out of the field
ismadman 6827
Display Avatars in Quickreply form like FaceBook
Adding User's Avatars into Quickreply form like FaceBook
Steven Oosterhoff 5705
fetch_array() : numeric and assoc indices
Changes fetch_assoc mode to fetch_array mode.
mtjo 4732
Forum Under Newthread Button
Your Forum Under Your Newthread Button
NeT 11224
Getting Started with Plugins
A tutorial to get you started in making plugins for MyBB.
LegosJedi 8493
Google +1 button
adding google +1 button next to your PM button
Steven Oosterhoff 4066
Google Custom Search
Add Google's Custom Search for your Forum
Steven Oosterhoff 5775
Group Image - Basic Application Guide
How to apply Group Images from ACP
Steven Oosterhoff 8627
Group Legend
Adding groups on index page
FirefoxWiz 27827
How To add User Group Legend
hi Am Going to Teach you how to Get user Group Legend Without Using Any Additional Plugin
Steven Oosterhoff 5265
Increasing Box - Title Calendar Event Name and Post a new Thread
Increasing Box - Calendar Event Name / Thread Subject - Post a new Thread
Freddie Mercury 5344