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A collection of resources aimed at helping users and developers alike.

Available Resources

List of resources currently available

Name Author Views
Prevent Code Overflow
Get rid of the scroll bar on the code box.
Anman 3864
Prevent from Spam Bots
This is a basic tutorial which shows you how to get your hands on spam bot and prevent them from coming to your forums.
Steven Oosterhoff 20080
Quick New Thread
This adds a [New Thread] in the index page for each forum
User 1428 29975
Random Smilies
Random Smilies when Posting
persiandc 3794
Random Smilies when Posting
Random Smilies when Posting(newThread)
persiandc 1964
Redirect ~ MyCode
A MyCode you can configure in your forums.
Steven Oosterhoff 2038
Remove Debug Info
Remove your MyBB debug info from the footer
andrew1 10976
RevShare Integration
Integrate RevShare on your forum to protect your external URL's and to earn money!
Steven Oosterhoff 1978
RSS-Feed Syndication for Posts since Version 1.2.x
RSS-Feed Syndication for Posts since Version 1.2.x
macroslk 5727
Scrolling Code and Quotes Section HowTo..,
How to put a scrolling code and quote section in your theme.
User 6029 7897
Search box in header
Add a stylish, simple and short search box in header.
crazy4cs 7555
Security Tutorials
A list of security tutorials.
Steven Oosterhoff 1683
Setting Different Name Styles for Different Themes
See the title
Ryan Ashbrook 5202
Short Registration
Make it a lot easier for people to sign up to your forums with this resource.
Steven Oosterhoff 11494
Short Registration
If you wan't your forum members to have a quick and easy registration use this resource
Steven Oosterhoff 0