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Custom Font

Add any font you'd like to your forum, fonts you made, fonts you've downloaded, and other fonts!

As said above, you may use a font of your wishes.

**Notice: If the font has a copyright you may not use it without their permission, using preinstalled fonts are fine on the contrary**

• Make a folder in your /upload/ (/forums/) or the main directory of your forum, name it 'fonts'

• Install a .ttf and .eot file in the /upload/fonts/ directory
• Need to make an .eot file? Just go to here:
• Browse for the ttf file
• Scroll down to 'Download your font' and download, then upload it as above

• Go to the admin cp
• click on the Themes and Templates Tab
• go to the theme you want to make the custom font on and edit global.css

• Insert this code:

@font-face {
       font-family: '$1';
       src: url(fonts/$2.eot)

@font-face {
       font-family: '$1';
       src: url(fonts/#3.ttf)

$1 - Replace with a nickname for the font
$2 - Replace with the name of the eot file you installed earlier
$3 - Replace with the name of the ttf file you installed earlier

**Notice: People also have to have updated browsers, which isn't a big problem, but it can be with the fact that some computers are older then others**

Now go to the top of the page.

Where it says 'body'
find this below it:

font-family: Arial, Sans-Serif;

Or anything that looks like that.

Replace that text with:

font-family: $1;

(this is referring to the $1 in key above)

Also if you'd like it to appear in parts defined with font-family, do the following.
• Ctrl+F or just click on the menu and hit 'Find'
• Search font-family
• Take off the lines you find 'font-family' and you should be good to go
**Notice: Do not remove the font-family defined in 'body'**

Hope you like this code.