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Group Legend

Adding groups on index page

This tutorial explains how to add your groups on your index page!

First, go to your Admin CP (ACP), Manage Groups. Go into the groups you\'d like to have on your index page, and save the {username} style to a text document. (It is needed)

Next, go to your Templates > *YOUR TEMPLATE SET* > Index > index_whosonline.


<td class=\"trow1\" colspan=\"\"><span class=\"smalltext\">{$lang->online_note}<br /></span>{$onlinemembers}</td>

And below it add:

<td class=\"tcat\" colspan=\"\"><center>[<font color=\"green\"><b><i>Admins</i></b></font>] [<font color=\"#FF6600\"><b>Super Moderators</b></font>] [<font color=\"purple\"><b>Moderators</b></font>] [<font color=\"#000000\">Registered</font>] [<font color=\"#3333FF\">Awaiting Activation</font>]</center> </td>

Now, you can change the group names and color by editing the code above. Here is where your group colors in your text document come in!

Once you are finished editing the groups and colors, you can click Update!