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A collection of resources aimed at helping users and developers alike.

Available Resources

List of resources currently available

Name Author Views
legality editor WYSIWYG for mybb
integration editor WYSIWYG for MyBB forum
Steven Oosterhoff 9163
Limit the Number of Characters in a Text Field
Limit the Number of Characters in a Text Field
Steven Oosterhoff 4183
A Let Me Google That For You MyCode
Steven Oosterhoff 1628
Make a redirect page
To ask the user confirm the link is absolute safe
Steven Oosterhoff 5204
Make Pagination look better [v1]
make your forum pagination look better
Steven Oosterhoff 1895
Making Much Better Forum Redirects
Making the forum redirects much better
Steven Oosterhoff 1811
Megavideo MyCode
Allows you to embed videos
Taiga-san 4168
Message.Code.Block with

add message block surrounded
Steven Oosterhoff 3357
MODx MyBB Bolt-On v0.5
The MyBB Forum Bolt-On snippet makes certain functionality available to use in MODx.
Peter Burlingham 8333
MP Readed
Check if a user has already read the private message you sent
Edson Ordaz 2827
My Signature
My Signature
Steven Oosterhoff 2301
MyBB Integration class / MyBB SDK
The class provided shall help you link your site to your MyBB forum, enabling you to access useful forum functionalities
No0oB 23770
MyMedals Pack by AmanGautam
MyMedals is a medal pack for Achievement plugin 2.4 prepared by AmanGautam!
Steven Oosterhoff 2353
Polished Metalbars
A user rank set with polished metal effect
Steven Oosterhoff 1576
Popup Mycode
Allows you to post links that will open in a popup. The height and width of the popup window can be added to the popup tags
x-Treme 7204