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Index Page

Add new areas to your index page with new dynamic content.   Each of the downloads in this section is intended for the most recent version for MyBB 1.6. To view downloads for older versions of MyBB, see our archived downloads section.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Forum Online & Offline Status
This plugin will show Forum's Status on Forum Home Page. Useful plugin if you want to show if forum is online or offline for various services / purposes
Yaldaram 1296
Forum Views
Show how many users have viewed your forum
Harshit 300
Google Plus in Sidebar
Adds google plus to the sidebar of your forum
MybbCo 94
Group Message
Display a HTML message on your index to a specific group or groups
BleepyEvans 1265
Group Notice
Allows you to set a notice displayed to certain groups.
Jammerx2 2278
Guest Registration Notification
Displays a stylable message in every page of the forum with a configurable message set by you to guests.
Anthony` 985
Guest Warn
Show an elegant warn for all guest of your forum.
Clear 4757
Header Writer
Change your header as you want
Harshit 264
hyper Portal
hyperPortal is a MyBB Mod for a versatile front-page
brunodiaz 1349
IC Top Thread Starters
Show Top Thread Starters on Index Page
IcedCoffee 358
Add linked icons to the right side of your forum index
Salvatore 232
Imp Forums
A Plugin for MyBB to display the count of threads under a certain category / forum in Index.
effone 46
Index Ads
Insert ADS table in your header/footer of community forum
SVRN 6174
Index Top Posters
Show Todays/Weekly/Monthly/Forum Top Posters in Index
Pars 10221
Javascript Logout Confirmation
Displays a javascript logout box.
TheGodFather 1587