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hyper Portal

hyperPortal is a MyBB Mod for a versatile front-page

Version: 0.4
Author: brunodiaz
Submitted: 13th February 2013
Last Updated: 6th July 2013
The idea is that it can be very configurable by the admins and the final user, so it can be a mix between how the admins want to show the forum and how the users like to see it.

It has easy-to-create widgets, that the admin can choose to install and activate and the user can choose to use, and how he see them.

It has english/spanish languages.

How to install
* Upload all files in zip using the tree directory.
* Install & Activate hyper portal plugin
* Install & Activate widgets from Configuracion -> hyperPortal Widgets

It lets different users do different things:

Forum users can

* Add/Close Widgets
* Change order
* Minimize widgets
* Configure widgets
* Configure not to use the portal (admin can select if they have this option)
* Guests users can do all the things a registered users do, saving their configuration in cookies.

Admin users can

* Install/Uninstall Widgets
* Activate/Deactivate Widgets
* Choose default widget order for every usergroup.
* Choose if normal users can add/close ewidgets
* Choose if they can bypass portal
* Choose How many widget sectors hyperportal has.
* Change hyperportal style inside admin panel.
* Configure Widgets (if it has a header, if it can be moved, if guests can see it)

Programmers can

* Create new widgets using a Mybb plugins similar interface;
It has 7 basic functions:
widgetname_configuration(): The config options to use in widget
widgetname(): Widget itself
* Extend how hyperPortal works via hooks.

I don't have right now any documentation about this, but a few widget examples. So if someone wants to work with this, please PM me.

You can see how it works at, this isn't a Demo, but an ACTUAL WORKING SITE.
You can look it better as a registered user (and if you click ads :P)

A few things to do in future versions:
* Widgets auto update
* Widgets auto pagination
* Let widgets move from different sectors
* Let reuse widgets multiple times
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