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Index Page

Add new areas to your index page with new dynamic content.   Each of the downloads in this section is intended for the most recent version for MyBB 1.6. To view downloads for older versions of MyBB, see our archived downloads section.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
jQuery Login Box
Add jQuery Login Box to your forum
MybbCo 159
This plugin show a complete statistics users and forums.
Mostafa.Shiraali 349
Last News Ticker
Show Last Thread Show Writer
Mostafa.Shiraali 132
LastTweet for Twitter
Allows you to show the last tweet you've posted in some twitter account in the forum index
NiLord 229
LGZ - Activation Status
Displays information about the activation status of the account.
Jonatan H. 125
Your list Minecraft server status
Matslom 1084
Member Welcome On Index
A plugin that gives a welcome message on the forum index.
StevenF50 1213
Allows you to input icons of your choice beside who's online and board statistics.
RedJ 86
Moving last Threads
Moving last Threads in top of forum
ATofighi 62
My Top Poster
Greet Your Top Poster easily with this plugin!
Cedric 160
MyBB Ad Rotator
Randomly rotate ads or messages in the header and/or footer of forum
jimmypena 227
This plugin creat personal search for your web
Mostafa.Shiraali 406
Display your forum's latest threads on your index.
Cedric 219
MyTabs is a plugin which allows the board administrator to group forums in tabs.
EthanD 11137
Overview (MyBB 1.6)
Displays a box on the index page that shows latest threads, posts, users, and more.
frostschutz 7055