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Fassim Anti Forum Spam

Anti forum spam plugin to block known spammers via IP and Email Address. Allows easy way to block countries, regions, anonymous proxies, top domain and ISP spammers from registering.

Author: kmoneil
Submitted: 9th September 2010
Last Updated: 17th December 2012

The plug in will block known spammers/bots from registering via IP, email address, anonymous proxy, top email domains, top ISP - (Internet Service Provider) spammers and DEA - Disposable Email Addresses. Also, allows you to allow or block countries via country code and region's.

**(We are not saying it will block all proxies, just the ones we know about, which is a lot. To know about every proxy would be an impossible task.)

We ONLY get our data from forums that run our plug in.

If the new registering member is determined to be a bot or spammer, they will receive a message telling them so.

Put fassim_1.3.php in your plugins directory and click install in the Admin CP.

Be sure to copy your API Key in the settings, click Deactivate, then Activate, paste your key and Save.

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