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(MyCode) 1TV.RU
Allows you to embed videos
Steven Oosterhoff 753
Steven Oosterhoff 4282
01 ( hide ediT admin
hide ediT admin ( )
Steven Oosterhoff 1617
Add icon for each forums
Add icon for each forums
SVRN 11896
Adding a Custom Menu Bar
Wanna add extra Custom Menu Bar? Then here is how you do it:
Steven Oosterhoff 9929
Advanced Attachments
Advanced Attachments
Steven Oosterhoff 3485
Advanced portal search
Advanced search in portal
Steven Oosterhoff 2907
Advanced Signature
Advanced Signature
Steven Oosterhoff 7428
Ajax SB Smilies JS
Add to your Ajax SB Button Smilies
Barti 16467
Auto Avatar Size
Auto avatar size at postbit...
aorgun 12612
Automatically Generate Plugin Stubs
Generate a plugin stub from the command line in windows
krakjoe 5598
Basic Search Box.
A basic search box.
Damion 9032
Change AdminCP Folder Name
Extra Security
aorgun 12358
Change Users Website URL to NOFOLLOW
Change your users website filed under WWW to NOFOLLOW
deadlychaos25 10489
Changing Username/Usergroup Style Per Theme
An Audentio Design Creation
Audentio 24328