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This site is now read-only due to the impending release of MyBB 1.8 and the new MyBB Mods site.

You can continue to download submissions as normal, however new submissions won't be accepted until the new site is launched in the coming days. The new site will be available here.

We appreciate your patience during the release of 1.8 and our new website.

MyBB Mods

MyBB Mods is an official resource site for MyBB, boasting an extensive range of user contributed resources, ranging from simple plugins to stunning new themes.

Plugins & Modifications

Enhance the functionality of your own board

There are hundreds of modifications available here. Some enhance existing features of MyBB, whilst others add completely new functionality. What's more, many of the modifications available from the site make use of the MyBB plugin system, which means you can just upload the files and activate the plugin from the administration control panel, without having to modify a single line of code. All plugin downloads are marked with the green plugin icon ().

Themes & Graphics

Complete control over the look and feel of your board

The MyBB theming system gives you complete control over the look and feel of your board. Here you'll find a range of themes and graphics freely available for use on your own board.

Create & Submit

Submit your own work to our database

If you've created something you'd like to share with the MyBB community, you can submit it to our database. Plus, when you submit an item to our database, you'll be given the option of either attaching your own language packs, or allowing other users to submit language packs for your submission. This means that your work will be available to potentially, the entire international MyBB community. You can track your submissions from your personal control panel and make changes at any time.