Donation Page

Sets up a page for your members to be able to donate to you via PayPal.

Author: Zash
Submitted: 2nd September 2009
Last Updated: 23rd March 2011
Donation Page allows you to set up a page where users can donate to you via PayPal.

Configurable options include choosing whether guests can donate, setting a recommended and minimum donation amount, and modifying elements such as the page title, text, and currency.



1) Upload donate.php to your root MyBB directory and donationpage.php to your /inc/plugins/ directory.

2) Install and Activate the plugin via your Admin CP.

3) Go to Configuration --> Donation Page Settings and edit the settings and message as you wish.

4) You can find the donation_page template in Global templates.


Has this plugin helped you out? I appreciate any and all donations, big and small.
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