123 Flash Chat and MyBB integration plugin

Free plugin to embed a video live chat room into website. Integrating MyBB with 123 Flash Chat.

Author: 123flashchat
Submitted: 12th October 2009
Last Updated: 20th January 2010
123 Flash Chat Introduction

123 Flash Chat creates live chat room for the high-load chat events, social network, dating site, online conference, etc., or live support platform for e-business to offer online call center. It's a fast, reliable, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication.
123 Flash Chat is a shareware, it offers a free edition for 10 concurrent users to start with, and then 50 to unlimited users license to purchase.

MyBB Chat Module Introduction

With the free module for MyBB, you can add a live chat room to your MyBB in minutes. It makes your MyBB more interactive, turn the visitors to registered members and get them stick to your website.

1. Display Chat Data

Firstly, a chat button will be added to the top menu of your MyBB as the chat room entrance.

Secondly the following data of the chat room can be displayed on your MyBB’s front page, and attract more users to join chatting.
* Connection number
* Logon user number
* Chat room number
* Chat user name list in all rooms

2. Auto-login

The module enables auto-login and avoids double-registration or double-login. That is to say, the users log in MyBB using their username and password, and if they want to enter your chat room, all they need to do is just clicking the chat icon, with an existing identity, no bother to register or offer account details again.
Online Demo

1. MyBB Chat Demo

2. General Chat Demo
123 Flash Chat server software demo, multiple skins and multilingual:

3. Download MyBB Chat Module

Installation Level: Intermediate
Installation Time: ~5 Minutes
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