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Create and manage patches (core edits) within the ACP.

Version: 1.5
Author: frostschutz
Submitted: 29th January 2011
Last Updated: 1st May 2014
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Manage code modifications to MyBB core files.

Using simple search patterns, you can locate lines of code in a file, and insert new code before and after, and optionally replace the original code. Modifications to files can be applied and reverted. The plugin tracks the modified files by size and timestamp, and displays the status of each patch for each file.

This is the counterpart for the Hooks plugin that does the same for plugin hooks.

Update instructions

Please deactivate and activate the plugin after uploading the new files.

Installation instructions

  1. This plugin depends on PluginLibrary. Please download it first.
  2. Upload inc/plugins/patches.php and inc/plugins/patches/plugin.php and inc/languages/english/admin/patches.lang.php

    If you are using a language other than English, you will also have to place a copy of patches.lang.php in the folders of the other languages. Language packs may be available on the mods site.
  3. Activate the plugin


On the plugins page, there will be a new tab called 'Patches', which will let you create and manage patches.

Uninstallation instructions

You can uninstall the plugin any time, however when you do so, you will lose all information about your patches. In that case, changes to files have to be reverted manually.
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