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Administration Panel

Add extra features and functionalitly to your MyBB Administration Control Panel.   Each of the downloads in this section is intended for the most recent version for MyBB 1.6. To view downloads for older versions of MyBB, see our archived downloads section.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Active Post After X Post
Automatic Active User Post After X Post In Forums that need Admin Active post
Mostafa.Shiraali 385
Add Forum Options
Adds four additional forum options for control over avatar, signature, quick reply display and post reputation in forums.
Starpaul20 6678
Add Quick Access Links
You can add Links to the Quick Access menu in your ACP
Alex597 1385
Admin Activate Email
A plugin which emails users after being activated by the administrator.
faviouz 3100
Admin CP Honeypot
Creates a fake/imitation Admin CP login page to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access.
Zash 4868
Admin IP Match
Performs a full IP address match for logged in Admin CP users instead of the first three octets.
thruska 2923
Admin Notes
Save notes to administrators.
Edson Ordaz 1162
Attachment Downloads Log
Logs who downloads attachments.
Diogo Parrinha 2345
Admin 2-step login verification
kojis 377
Avatar Gallery Manager
Allows you to manage the avatar gallery from your Admin CP.
Starpaul20 1320
Close Board on Upgrade
Automatically closes the board when a MyBB forum or plugin upgrade becomes available.
thruska 1070
CloudFlare Manager
An advanced plugin used to control CloudFlare from your forum's admin cp.
Nathan Malcolm 3432
Control Panel Quick Links
Add a defined Control Panel Link in your ACP Quick Access.
Alex597 979
Disable Flood Time in Posts for Groups
Exclude usergroups from the flood time in post feature
bubulang 961
Disable Portal
Disables portal.php to reduce the potential attack surface of MyBB.
thruska 4201