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Member groups cant view threads

Shows a no permission page to selected user groups. When they try to view a thread, though they can still view the threadlisting.

Version: 1.4
Author: anori
Submitted: 12th October 2012
Last Updated: 3rd November 2013

This plugin makes it possible to block certain user groups from viewing threads, while they still will be able to few the thread-listing.

Besides this this plugins supports using custom no_permission pages. For guest and logged in user-groups that are selected.

These custom pages can be modified by two global templates.

How to Upgrade

> Deactivate the plugin (uninstall it if this would be required something that would be
told in the version information )
> Upload the new file to your forum (forum > inc > plugins) folder.
> Activate the plugin (and install it if you were required to uninstall it).

How to install:

> Upload the content of the upload folder to your forum root.
> Go to your adminCP > configuration > plugins
> Activate [Member groups cant view threads] plugin


Enable or Disable Plugin:

Fairly straight forward, setting this to NO disables the plugins functionality.
Setting it to (default) YES enables the plugin.

Select the user groups:

This setting lets you set the groups you wish this plugin to apply to.
For example for guest and awaiting activation you would have to set this to:


Multiple groups are supported and require a comma ( , ) in between each groupID number.

Use custom no permissions template:

This settings determines if you wish to use a custom no_permissions template.
Custom no_permission templates can be changed and styled separately from the rest.
Giving you the freedom to have a different page displaying for guest when they would open a thread.

The template can be found by going to:

adminCP > Templates & Style > Templates > Global templates > mgcvthreads_no_permission and mgcvthreads_no_permission_loggedin

mgcvthreads_no_permission = only applies to guest.
mgcvthreads_no_permission_loggedin = applies to logged in users (with user groups that are selected).

By default this template looks exactly the same as the MyBB default variants.
But like said before they can be individually styled.

If there are any problems please tell me.
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