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Change Log

Member groups cant view threads - 1.4 by anori

- Initial release.
- Added radio buttons to the settings menu to make it more clear
- Changed the plugin to an install/uninstall system. So that changes made to the templates would not be lost when deactivating.
1.2 ( uninstall required! )
- Added option to specify for which forum(s) it will run or for all.
If you choose to run it for all the forums it wont add an extra query.
1.3 (simply disable/enable plugin)
- Fixed an issue related to archive mode not being included.
- Fixed an issue with attachments not loading properly.
1.4 (simply disable/enable plugin)
- Fixed an issue with thread ID not being correctly retrieved in light archive.
1.4.1 (simply disable/enable plugin)
- Fixed an issue due to MYBB inconsistenties in data, between printthread/archive and normal thread view.