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Invitation System

Invite users to your board.

Version: 1.3.2
Author: cfillion
Submitted: 3rd January 2012
Last Updated: 6th September 2012
If you need support with this plugin, please contact me here or here.
I can't reply in the Reviews section.

This plugin allow you and users to send (or simply generate) invitations codes that allows visitors to register and reach user groups automatically after activation.

It may be useful for private forums or websites where members must be placed in specific groups after registration.

This plugin also replace the default MyBB referral system and extend it (see previews below).

Upgrade instruction (feature update, eg 1.2.X -> 1.3.X):
  1. Disable plugin
  2. Upload/overwrite new files
  3. Activate plugin

Upgrade instruction (bugfix update, eg 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2):
  1. Upload/overwrite new files

Previews:Preview Image 5102 Preview Image 5103 Preview Image 5104 Preview Image 5105