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Shoutbox - 2.2 by Alan Crisp

Shout Box is working fine, Is that possible to have an inbuilt smilies, image code addition text style ect ..................

Written By: rajeshjm, 15th January 2009

that would be a great idea^^^^^

Written By: Pow-Mia, 3rd April 2009

that would be a great idea^^^^^

Written By: Pow-Mia, 3rd April 2009

Wonderful!!!!!!!! supports smiles, images, html if you want, does it all!!!!

NEEDS UPDATING: If 'auto refresh' is enabled, it refreshed the entire index page, even if not showing on index. There might be a fix for this, (I would like to know.) but I HAD to turn off auto refresh, it was terrible.


Written By: joshuavillwo, 25th April 2009

doesn't work in Postgres... at least some of the SQL is pure MySQL :-/

during Install and Activate, errors on this...

CREATE TABLE `mybb_shouts` ( `sid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `uid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', `message` text NOT NULL, `dateline` bigint(30) NOT NULL default '0', `ipaddress` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`sid`) ) TYPE=MyISAM

Written By: pierce, 17th June 2009

That is awesome plugin but I would like to see update with something like shouts "arrive time", sometimes it's hard to say when users shouted

tested here:

Written By: Ajdija, 12th September 2009

Thank you it"s great. But i want to do , that the shoutbox is on the top of the BB

Written By: lawbreaker, 6th November 2009

Well... I downloaded it and followed the instructions but it didn't show up on the "Plugins".... Please Help me!

Written By: L33T-X, 11th August 2010

Doesn't work with 1.6.2?

Written By: thumper, 5th March 2011

workin nice with 1.6.3 version but still issue with autorefreh can you provide any help for this bug

Written By: Flogging My Log, 22nd April 2011

I've installed it on 2 of my forums. Both seem to be running OK (on 1.6.3)


Written By: thumper, 29th April 2011

any news about update off this plugin

Written By: lexy, 27th December 2011

its not show shout purning in tools and mantinace what i do..i cant delet my older shout

Written By: tweetwap, 5th February 2012

MySQL error...

Written By: Nahue, 19th March 2013

for what version is this?

Written By: Markus_Wolf, 25th April 2013

Sorry, i didnt see :D For mysql error just replace TYPE=MyISAM vith ENGINE=MyISAM in shoutbox.php

Written By: Markus_Wolf, 25th April 2013

Any way to get timestamps on the posts???

Written By: rfxcasey, 11th August 2013

IF you get a MySQL Error. It's because your PHP Version doesn't support the input.

Please go to "../Inc/Plugins/shoutbox.php"
Ctrl + F > Find "TYPE=MyISAM"
Replace "TYPE" with "ENGINE" for "ENGINE=MyISAM"
Save the .php file. Then go back to your browser, refresh the page and re-click "Install". I hope this helps :)

Written By: tomtom93, 28th October 2013

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