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Resend activation code from User profile - 3 by cgshelf

this is nice.
should added:
- send reset random password via profile directly
- send manual password define by admin
- etc...

Written By: FBI, 12th April 2010

This would be a great feature if it worked, but it does not work with 4.1.12. :(

Written By: all2himweo, 21st April 2010

Install to [ inc/plugins ], then from ACP/plugins "install & activate".

I looked all over within the Admin Control Panel for the "resend activation email" link next to unactivated user's names, but was unable to locate it anywhere.

To find the link I had to click on their name from within the forum (not the ACP) if they were online, or through the memberlist.php page if they were offline. For security reasons I disable the memberlist.php page, but had to re-enable it briefly in order to find the link for someone that was not online.

This plugin works, but it would be greatly improved if the link would show up in the User's section of the ACP.

Written By: mehtuus, 25th April 2011

After some further testing and permissions adjustments, I noticed that someone without permission (ie: unactivated user) to view the board was shown a page with a list of possible reasons as to why they could not. One of the reasons also contained a link to "resend activation email". At which point you would enter your email. Not sure if it was part of this plugin, but it was there.

Written By: mehtuus, 25th April 2011

This is difficult to use at first.
The trick I found was to on the forum click on any users profile. Then notice the URL at the top. The profile is identified in the URL by a user ID.
By changing the User ID in the URL you can go to any profile.

Now in a differnt tab or window, from the Admin control panel click on dashboard to get the overall status of the forum. On the right is a link "Awaiting Activation". Click on it. Now you see all the users which have not been activated. Click on the username for one you wish to resend the code. Checkout the URL at the top, it has a user id. Take that ID and go back to the profile page in the other window or tab and change the URL to this ID. You should now see the "Resend activation email" in this persons profile.

Written By: split, 9th January 2014

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