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Required Approvals - 1.1 by Jammerx2

This is a very useful plugin. Thanks!

Written By: MarkW7, 9th January 2011

This is an EXCELLENT mod/plugin - it make's it so the user has to have at _least_ ONE post, physically approved by an admin/mod . Very kewl indeed to control access and spam.

Written By: irrupt, 9th February 2012

Excellent plugin. I get thousands of spammers on my forum everyday.
Now with this plugin. Spammer are no longer a problem on my forum.
Thumbs up for this great plugin.

Just a suggestion that this plugin will be better be improved if the new poster can see his posts/thread even it is moderated.
Like its visible to ADMIN/MODS and the spammers.
Cause there are some cases that not all people who are new comer is a spammer. atleast they will not ask why the post/thread is not showing up.

Never the less, this is a very good plugin.

Written By:, 13th May 2012

Pain to setup, unless you want all forums blocked, you need to hover over all your forums to get their ID... Then come back to the plugin settings and ad new forums as you add forums to your site.

Should be a setting for what forum do you want NOT blocked. Much easier for most people.

Written By: Gizbeat, 21st July 2013

good plugin, must have because of high spams

Written By: feastboy, 7th October 2013

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