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Portal Redirect - 1.1.0 by Dennis Tsang

Thanks Dennis!

This is a very usefull plugin to me, I really apreciate your effort

Written By: aglioeolio, 24th August 2008

Very nice but isn't it easier to put your mybb forum in a folder called forums. And put a index.html in the main folder that has this code:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">

this redirects you froum to

But still your mod works to nice job on it

Written By: Zomaian, 25th September 2008

I'm with him on this, but to an extent....doesn't doing a cPanel server level redirect from to work just as well?
I ask because from what I have read concerning seo, that redirects are less desirable and should be avoided if possible to encourage crawling, so my wonder is whether my current method is less desirable than the method this plug in uses!
Well does it? LOL!
Seriously any insight would be appreciated, unless the purpose for the plugin is for those hosting with a company that does not supply such extensive access! If need be I will gladly start a thread for this if anyone wishes me to!

Written By: The Smoking Gun!, 3rd January 2009

I really like this plug in, forcing my users to view the announcements/other portal information. one problem: I believe that people from google, etc. cannot get to the thread they want to, because they are redirected to the portal, since it's their first time that day.

Written By: joshuavillwo, 29th May 2009

This plugin works very well.

If a user is following a link from the search engine or elsewhere then it will be directed to the expected topic.

Users are only redirected to the forums when they type the main URL. This is excellent. You don't need to add a separate page or any other redirection.

Thank you for sharing this plugin.

Written By: nunobrito, 19th April 2010

I love the idea of this plugin, but it doesn't work for me for some reason. It still takes me back to the index.php even when I put my url address in the ACP as :( I am using 1.4.13 which is the latest for mybb. I could change file names and recode... which I have done. Unfortunately, that messes up my tabbed menus by Labrocca. So, I was hoping this particular plugin would work.

Written By: all2himweo, 26th July 2010

Nice plugin but its simple and easier to edit your .htaccess file and add this line to the bottom:

DirectoryIndex portal.php

Written By: IpHeX, 26th September 2010

Installed and activated, seemed to work intermittently for a short while, now doesn't work at all.. Even if I try via a chrome incognito window.
My forum is in a folder is this any reason?
Or maybe another plug-in conflicts? I installed ezGallery since..
Shame.. It makes having the portal useless...

Written By: sledger, 6th December 2012

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