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PluginLibrary - 12 by frostschutz

Just downloaded, I think this will be handy :)

Small thing - in the plugins list it says install activate on the plugin library plugin. When I click it then it says does not need to be activated.

Thanks for updating the description.

Written By: Leefish, 2nd February 2011

I have the same "bug".

Written By: ecanikajo, 7th October 2011

Same "problem" here.

Written By: checkdutch, 25th November 2011

Same problem here. No reply on this yet?

Written By: K e v i n, 27th November 2011

I'm sure you all noticed in the description, this is a plugin used for other plugins to work. I also read somewhere YOU DON'T NEED TO ACTIVATE IT, just install it and enjoy other plugins based on it, such as Google SEO or others work... and you got infinite times what you paid for! FIVE STARS from me, thank you frostschultz!

Written By: liviuz, 22nd January 2012

You do not need to activate it...but my problem is I constantly get the notice to upgrade from version 7 to version 8. This is my 3rd time installing version 8

Written By: Starnova, 28th June 2012

can't download! error 404 not found! please reupload

Written By: mybboardvietnam, 10th October 2012

I uploaded it 2 weeks ago just because I needed it to also install Google SEO into my MyBB installation but I still do not understand why I can't install it!

What are the main functions of this plugin?

Written By: 8CøreAAA, 8th November 2012

Anyone got the solution ? Please guide.
Waiting for the plugin library installation issue to be resolved.

Written By: bharatjainaskn, 24th December 2014

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