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Show online today - 2.0 by Martin M.

works perfectly, great plugin, thank you

Written By: Mr. Chinn, 27th November 2008

Tried installing it and got an error that it is incompatible with MyBB 1.6

Written By: jmeeter, 5th August 2010

Nice mod, working with 1.6.0 perfectly!

Written By: Taiga-san, 16th September 2010

It works great, if you are having compatibility issues, only do it with this because i know it works with 1.6, other mods may mess up stuff, but for this, go to inc/plugins, find the onlinetoday.php, open it up

find "compatibility" => "14*",
replace "compatibility" => "16*",

Written By: MattG, 5th November 2010

Hi, how can you make this visible to guests? I wish you made a setting in ACP where we can toggle it on/off for guests

Also, the font sizes don't match....

the "Who's Online [Complete List]" font size doesn't match the "Who has been online today [Complete List]"

But thanks for the plugin, its awesome!

Written By: zero_coke, 2nd February 2011

Works great for 1.6.3 after editing compatibility field as mentioned above. Though this is viewable to all users - including unregistered guests. Would be great if there were options available for this plugin to allow customization on who is allowed to see it and the time span from which it uses to generate the list.

The text "Who has been online today [Complete List]" is formatted with larger font size than it should be. It does not match the page, but is close enough that for now I am willing to ignore it.

The list functions work fine. They use different measurements to come up with what should be displayed.

Written By: mehtuus, 9th May 2011

after changing it to "16*" compatibility if it dont work than use only "*" . It worked for me. :)

Written By: strang3r, 14th September 2011

Great little plugin thank you very much, I just edited the > "compatibility" => "*", by taking away the "14" leave it blank, it always works for any new updated mybb releases that way.



Written By: LeeUk, 2nd November 2011

Replace this line:
<td class=\"tcat\"><strong>{\$lang->whos_online_today}</strong> [<a href=\"online.php?action=today\">{\$lang->complete_list}</a>]</td>

With this:
<td class=\"tcat\"><span class=\"smalltext\"><strong>{\$lang->whos_online_today}</strong> [<a href=\"online.php?action=today\">{\$lang->complete_list}</a>]</span></td>

This will make the font match. :)

Written By: rmkilc, 8th February 2012

Just change the compatibility to 16 like the above posts.

Working as of 20/8/2013. Good plugin!

Written By: magicm00n, 20th August 2013

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