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MyBB Wiki - Beta 3 by StefanT

Crap. Dont use. Dont work.

Written By: groovybluedog, 29th May 2010

I finally got it to work - its quite cool. Ignore groovybluedog he is an asshat who is banned from most places I know :)

Works on 1.6

I added a tutorial on how to set up the wiki on my own forum. Guests can view :)

Written By: leesester, 10th August 2010

Claims to only be compatible with 1.4, but can be made to successfully install on 1.6 by adjusting the 'compatibility' field in /inc/plugins/wiki.php, but still does not work properly on either version.

In both 1.4 and 1.6, the Wiki settings in the Admin CP launches the initial install, not the actual page configuration. Plugin also assumes user is using SEO Rewrite by default, sometimes leading to some install problems.

Written By: HatchlingByHeart, 2nd September 2010

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