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Akismet (Spam Protection) - 1.2.1 by Aaron

I got it installed. And it promptly marked some users as Spammers and autobanned them. Isn't there some way to mark them as "Not Spam" like in Wordpress? Cannot recommend until they fix the false positives issue even though it does work... (a little too aggressively).

Written By: LoneStarMBA, 2nd February 2009

I could not get this to work despite following the instructions. I was sure to input the Wordpress ASKI keys.

The 1.2.1 in red remains red despite uploading all the files to the proper location. I also tried to uninstall/deactivate it and reinstall/activate it, still no go.

I would appreciate some help with this.

Written By: enlightenme, 31st January 2009

i agree with LoneStarMBA this plugin is a little too aggressive, i need to disabled this plugin for a while as user complain they cant post or banned.

Written By: danni, 29th December 2009

Hmm.. this plugin is too aggressive as said in a couple of earlier reviews. In my Forum it keeps banning few members repeatedly, don't know what the reason is. I guess it needs a bit of developer attention immediately.

Written By: pacchiee, 28th February 2010

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