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Recent download submissions by thruska

Name Downloads
Admin IP Match - 1.3
Performs a full IP address match for logged in Admin CP users instead of the first three octets.
Close Board on Upgrade - 1.1
Automatically closes the board when a MyBB forum or plugin upgrade becomes available.
Disable Portal - 1.1
Disables portal.php to reduce the potential attack surface of MyBB.
Disable Showteam - 1.1
Disables showteam.php to make it more difficult to find a list of powerful accounts and reduces the potential attack surface of MyBB.
Disable Stats - 1.1
Disables stats.php for regular users to prevent usage data from falling into the wrong hands and reduces the potential attack surface of MyBB.
Dynamic Header and Footer - 1.1
Allows a dynamic site header and footer to be used without modifying MyBB templates.
Open/Close Board Send Admin E-mail - 1.2
Sends an e-mail to all admins when the board is opened or closed by an admin or a script.
reCAPTCHA II - 1.4
Implements reCAPTCHA support. A better CAPTCHA than the default.
Registration Checkbox Configuration - 1.2
Sets the default status of the checkboxes displayed during registration.
Restrict IP - 1.2
Restricts moderator and/or administrator account access to specific IP addresses.
SSO Client Integration - 1.0
Implements full MyBB SSO client support for the SSO server from CubicleSoft.