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Implements reCAPTCHA support. A better CAPTCHA than the default.

Version: 1.4
Author: thruska
Submitted: 18th October 2008
Last Updated: 11th August 2010
Implements reCAPTCHA support and overrides the default MyBB CAPTCHA with reCAPTCHA. If the PHP GD extension is not available but this plugin is installed and activated and CAPTCHA support is enabled, reCAPTCHA will appear. The GD extension is not always available (especially on Windows servers).

This plugin displays reCAPTCHA during user registration and on forums where guests are allowed to create new posts and threads.

Automatically maps the user's language to the reCAPTCHA multilingual support system with English fallback. Also supports custom reCAPTCHA languages and mappings.

Works and is fully tested under Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, and Opera with the default MyBB theme.

Works with MyBB 1.6.x.
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