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Change Log

Inventory Shop - 1.1.0 by Ryan Ashbrook

Changes in 1.1.0 Gamma 2

  • The Plugin is now MyPS Compatible!
  • Changes in 1.1.0 Gamma 1

  • Donate to Another User.
  • All functions have now been put into a Class.
  • A MyBux Compatible Version has also been made, it has been marked MyBux Version. If you find a bug please be sure it's with my plugin and not the MyBux Plugin, if it is in the MyBux Plugin you must take it up with Coolest_Tech on the MyBB Forums or at his forums at
  • Changed all "&" to "&" in files and templates.
  • Fixed the Shop Index (Trying to call a non-existent Shop Name in the title)
  • Also fixed Index Code that's trying to call non-existent current item.
  • Added code that verifies the correct versions between ./inc/class_shop.php and ./inc/plugins/inventoryshop.php
  • Changed $db->escape_string to intval in shop.php (Also threw in a $db->simple_select while I was there)
  • Fixed Bug missing error message for invalid shops. (IE. Putting in an invalid sid in the URL)
  • Fixed Buying Items Bug (I'm an idiot with this one, I was calling the wrong variable in the URL. ^_^; )
  • Added Amount of Money to the Shop Table Headers.
  • Buying and Selling now redirects back to the shop you bought/sold from instead of the shop index.
  • Fixed the URL in the Admin CP Nav.
  • Removed the Price and Shop from the Buy URL (redundant, since we now have Shop and Item ID's).
  • Changed Shop to Shop ID in the Sell URL.
  • Add Show Shop Version Number Setting
  • Removed the parse_money() Hook from the Plugin (Not Needed)
  • Fixed Edit Users Money.
  • Removed the ability to edit users items. (Will be returned in 2.0).
  • Moved Current Money and Item to a new row under the Table Header on the Shop Pages.