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Change Log

Custom Status - 1.7 by Diogo Parrinha

* 1.7
Fixed XSS vulnerability - it was sanitising the wrong variable, my bad.

* 1.6
Ported to MyBB 1.6.
No longer has the custom online status, that means you cannot replace the "Location" name, it only has the "What am I doing" feature.
Added box to index with latest status changes.
Added postbit feature - you must add the code manually as explained above.

* 1.5
Fixed a permisions problem.

* 1.4
Fixed one bug related to the index page.
Fixed a permissions problems.

* 1.3
Now, you can add the status veriable to the postbit if you want.
Fixed a bug that would make AJAX not to work after the first time you change your status via AJAX, if you didn't refresh the page.
Added a bar to the index page (if the setting "What am I doing? Behaviour" is set to yes).

* 1.2
Fixed one bug.
Added a link which is displayed as "(Change)" after the custom status in profiles. If you click the link, a popup box will appear and you'll have to enter the new status. It will save your new status via AJAX.

* 1.1
Added a new setting that allows admins to choose if they want the plugin to replace the online status or work as "What am I doing?" field, which is displayed below the online status in the profile.

* 1.0
Initial Release