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A collection of exciting new themes for your board.   Each of the downloads in this section were made for an older version of MyBB. For downloads for MyBB 1.6, please see the appropriate modifications & plugins, themes and graphics sections accordingly.

Available Downloads

List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
"En-Gedi" Admin-CP-Themes
3 Admin-CP-Themes (gray, green, red) for MyBB 1.2
ows 1516
Admin-CP-Theme for MyBB 1.2.x
ows 398
(MyPortal Version) Blue Night
MyPortal Version of my Blue Night theme
Jag100 5733
0.5v MyPortal
Make your MyBB forum into a Portal System
Jag100 1618
A MyBB Red
Red and white theme
jaxdoug2 1205
Admin Blue (Admin CP Style)
Admin Control Panel Style - A brand new blue look for your ACP
xiaozhu 808
Admin CP Simple Dark Style
A dark style for the ACP.
Tachu 625
Admin Lite
Admin Lite is a simple style for the AdminCP. Important: THIS IS NOT A THEME!
Kodaks 501
Blue and silver!
FirefoxWiz 1501
Theme in silver and chrome
jaxdoug2 851
Silver, blue, tech
FirefoxWiz 1243
America Army Theme
Based on the game
Jag100 736
A light blue and pink theme for us girls.
bluejade 447
BabyBlue Pro
A theme originally made for GIMP Studio. Made of light blues.
FirefoxWiz 422
BabyBlue Pro ACP
A ACP theme to match the forum theme called BabyBlue Pro. Light blues.
FirefoxWiz 187