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Add new features to your thread pages.   Each of the downloads in this section were made for an older version of MyBB. For downloads for MyBB 1.6, please see the appropriate modifications & plugins, themes and graphics sections accordingly.

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List of downloads in this category

Name Author Downloads
Ads after first post (for MyBB 1.4.x)
Displays ads after the first post of a thread or after every x posts.
Michael S. 10639
Advanced Quick Reply Form
This plugin adds the MyCode Editor and the Smilie Inserter to the Quick Reply form.
Phenomenon 7896
Attachment watcher
Display who was download the attachments .
hamed_Arfaee 1108
Attachments On Reply
This plugin hides attached file(s) for guests and for members who haven't replied to the topic.
Phenomenon 730
BB GeSHi Filter (Syntax Highlighting)
SYNTAX Highlighting: [code=language] such as [code=cpp] (C++ programming) or [ code=php] (PHP Programming)
eXecute 1598
Digg This
Adding an Digg This submission button
Martin M. 459
Edit Reason
Allows your users to put a reason why they edited their post.
DougSD 2192
Force Users to View a Thread
This plugin allows you to set a thread as 'must read' by your members.
DragonFever 1885
Hide Hack
Hide Hack For MyBB 1.4.8
Tickhi 3457
Hide Images from Guests
Allows you to show a message to guests instead of images.
DragonFever 2498
Hide Links
effects to guests and not activated users+forum id based link hiding
dared 1126
Hide Links to Guests for 1.4
Allows you to show a message to guests instead of links.
DragonFever 10335
Image Birthday
Add an image for the birthday date
Asterix 513
A plugin that allows you to show details of a movie via IMDB(The Internet Movie Database).
DragonFever 1006
imei No Quote in Quotes
Clean up nested Quotes in thread's replying
imei 1010