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xSpy Plugin!

Spy users when they create new posts.

Version: 0.4
Author: flash.tato
Submitted: 3rd May 2009
Last Updated: 20th June 2010
Do you want to spy forum activity? New posts, new threads, new users? This plugin helps you in achieving this!

This is finally meant to be used in production forums.

Installing it is very simple.

1) Upload xspy.php in /inc/plugins/ folder
2) Upload xspy.js in /jscripts/ folder
3) Activate it
4) Point your browser at misc.php?action=xspy
5) Enjoy!

If you want to translate it create a new xspy.lang.php file in your language folder and look at line from 81 to 90 for language strings.

$lang->some_name = ""; becames:
$l['some_name'] = "Your translation";
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