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a plugin to manage the clan roster

Version: 1.0
Author: vladefix
Submitted: 30th January 2013
Last Updated: 31st January 2013
It is a powerful clan manager system which allow you to manage your clan roster in a easy, fast and intuitive way. It can be used to manage your guild/roster page or a simple memberlist page. You can customize the page in eny way you like:
- you can create as many rosters as you want
- you can create as many groups as you want
- you can create as many columns as you want
- you can edit templates to customize roster layout

Supports join request/clan applications through a form that you can define using the control panel. Once a join request is submited a poll is created on forums where the clan members can vote for clan admission of the submitter.
Supports members promotion/demotion and inactivity.

You can setup admin permission to create specific admin profiles. We suggest 3 profiles:

- Recruiters: to this profile you can assign the permissions related to recruitment
- Clan Managers: to this profile you can assign the permissions related to user management.The 'clan managers' can promote or demote the clan members, edit the roster profiles, trace the inactivity of the members or kick them
- Clan Administrator: to this profile you can assign the permissions related to roster management. The 'clan administrators' can create/edit/delete roster, groups, roster columns, edit roster settings etc.

Clan members can edit their roster info from their user profiles. Administrators can decide which of the roster columns can be edited from the user profiles.
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