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Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor adds a WYSIWYG editor to your forum, where you can directly see how your post looks like while writing it.

Version: 1.2.1
Author: Simon S.
Submitted: 21st January 2011
Last Updated: 20th November 2012
I no longer support and update this plugin due to other projects and time issues. Sorry!

  • Personalize It - You can manage/edit/add editor themes like normal forum themes in the control panel.
  • Where do you want to use it? - You can define where you want to use the WYSIWYG editor. You can use it at New Thread/New Post/Edit Post, Quick Reply, Compose PM and Edit Signature.
  • Attachment & Smilies - All recent WYSIWYG editors for MyBB had no support for Attachment and Smilies, but our have.
  • Modes - You can switch the editor to the view mode or the source mode.

Currently you can get support for this plugin only in the plugin support forum at the MyBB community.

[Important] Update to 1.2
In order to update Adv. WYSIWYG Editor to 1.2 you need to deinstall the plugin and install it then again. Otherwise it may happen that the plugin doesn't work properly.
Previews:Preview Image 3223 Preview Image 3224 Preview Image 3226