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A Wiki for MyBB, using MyCode-Article-Parsing

Version: 1.0
Author: Matthias M.
Submitted: 20th June 2012
A Wiki for MyBB with some interesting Features

  • MyCode-Wiki
  • Table-MyCode for creating tables in wiki
  • Showing Wiki-actions in WOL
  • articles can be locked/unlocked
  • edit-history for each article
  • diff for each revision of an article to prev/next und latest revision
  • moderated mode (All new articles and changes have to be approved by moderators) possible
  • [ wiki][ /wiki]-mycode for use in forum
  • MyBB JS-Editor for editing articles
  • Correct formatted profile-links (usergroup-color, etc...)
  • URLs for Wiki-Index, All-articles and view-articles customizable for using search-engine-friendly URLs
  • No credits-footer
  • Customizable permissions for each usergroup
  • zlib/libpng-license, usable for non-commercial and commercial purposes

Table-MyCode is not documented, as I have no Idea where to display the how-to, it works like

[table=my table name]
Row1Cell1 || Row1Cell2 || Row1Cell3
Row2Cell1 || Row2Cell2 || Row2Cell3

for SEO-Urls I set the following configs:
Page-url: Wiki-{id}
Index-url: Wiki
List-Url: Wiki-List

and added the following rewrite-rules to my httpd.conf (.htaccess also works)

RewriteRule ^Wiki-([^./]+)$ misc.php?page=wiki&view=$1 [L,QSA,NC]
RewriteRule ^Wiki-List$ misc.php?page=wiki&list [L]
RewriteRule ^Wiki$ misc.php?page=wiki [L]

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