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Warning System Improver

Improve your warning system!

Version: 1.0
Author: Dvdxseo
Submitted: 22nd January 2012
This plugin will add the following features to your board:

- A better PM Notice when warning a user
- Bypass the admin note
- Create a thread for each warning
- Allow another type of warning: The 'Infraction'. (An infraction is when you add points to the warning level of a user, a warning is just 'an alert')

You can find the installation instructions in the pack you download. It's a bit difficult because there are many file edits in this mod.

Last, but not least, make sure that in the template 'warnings_warn_type' there is the var ' {$only_warn} ' before '</label>'.
And in the template 'warning_warn_pm' there is the var '{$send_pm_forced}' before 'togglePM();' in this part: ' onclick="togglePM();"

In the newer version will come a language pack.
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