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Userpages for MyBB

Allow your users to add a custom userpage to their profile

Version: 1.3
Author: Euan T
Submitted: 7th June 2011
Last Updated: 24th February 2012
Userpages is a very simple plugin for MyBB that allows your forum users to create a personal page that’s linked to their profile. In this page, they can add any content that they wish to display. You can optionally enable the use of HTML in these pages along with standard BBCode.

Userpages are edited via a separate page in the User CP and can be moderated by those you grant permission to do so via the Moderator Control Panel.

Userpages was created after seeing a request for such a plugin.


Installation notes can also be found in the plugin's README file.

  • Upload the contents of the “Upload” folder to your MyBB root.
  • Go to ACP -> Configuration -> Plugins -> Install & Activate “Userpages for MyBB”
  • Configure your settings via ACP -> Configuration -> Userpage Settings
  • Configure your usergroup permissions from ACP -> Users & Groups ->
  • Usergroups. Select the usergroup that you wish to change permissions for, then click on the Users and Permissions tab and scroll to the Userpage Permissions section.

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