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Replaces the Postcounter with a dynamic Userbar

Version: 1.0.3b
Author: XxAnimusxX
Submitted: 13th October 2007
Replaces the postcounter in the postbit with a dynamic userbar, which is altering its size in relation with the specific postnum.
Due to the first beta of this userbarsystem there are no admincp-settings implemented yet and any changes for the plugin must be made directly into the plugin-source. There will be AdminCP-Settings in the future versions, so just stay tuned ;)

- userbar/images/postbars -> ./images/
- userbar/inc/plugins/userbars.php -> ./inc/plugins/

simply activate the plugin within the AdminCP -> Plugin-Manager

If u want to add new userbars for special usergroups or want to edit the existing ones, just create a new JPG-file containing the Usergroup-ID of your specified usergroup as the filename.
Usergroup-Title: Supporters
Group-ID: 8
file in ../postbars: 8.jpg

After adding the new image the userbar should appear immediatly in the postbit, else try to refresh your browser-cache.

The following list showes the specific steps of the coloured bars related to the postnum:
0-10: white
11-50: grey
51-200: yellow
201-500: blue
501-1000: green
1001-2500: red

More informations and instructions can be found in the readme-files within the userbar-archive.

[preview=271]Preview Image 272Preview Image 273Preview Image 274