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User Agent

Remembers and shows browser and operating system for every post. Also provides a stats page in Admin CP.

Version: 1.2
Author: bryn
Submitted: 22nd July 2007
Last Updated: 12th October 2007

1. Copy the files into your main MyBB folder. Doing so will make a new directory: images/useragent/. It will contain around 40 GIF files. It will also copy a useragent.php into your inc/plugins.

2. Visit your Plug-in Maganer in the Admin CP. Activate the "User Agent" plugin.

3. Visit yout Template Manager. Open the "Post bit" template pack and edit "postbit" template. Add these lines:
where you want the icons to appear.

I recommend adding them just after the {$post['button_report']}.

If you skip #3, you will still be able to see the statistics page in the Admin Panel, but your users won't see os/browser icons in their posts.


UPDATING FROM 1.1 to 1.2:

Overwrite all files. Then, edit your "postbit" template. Replace the
<img src="images/useragent/{$post['system']}.gif" />
<img src="images/useragent/{$post['browser']}.gif" />

And that's it.



Please note that posts which have been posted before activating this plugin will have "unknown" both OS and browser. Therefore, you should activate this plugin as fast as possible after founding your new board.

Have fun with your new plug-in! ;)