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Undo Thread Rating

Allows users to delete their rating on a thread.

Version: 1.1.2
Author: Starpaul20
Submitted: 8th May 2011
Last Updated: 26th October 2013
Allows users to delete their thread rating on a thread if they've previously rated it. Includes a usergroup permission to allow which usergroup can undo their rating.

To undo your rating, just click the Undo Rating link next the rating stars on a thread page (link will only show if the user has previously rated). Currently this does not support guests undoing their ratings.

The usergroup permission can be set on the Edit User Group page, under the Posting/Rating Options? section of the Forums and Posts tab.

This plugin offers full language support.

(Please see the change log for what the updates fixes)
v1.x -> v1.1.2: Overwrite old files, no need to deactivate.
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