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TUBE V 1.2

Allow Users to see the Youtube video embedder in the posting toolbar and post youtube videos easily.

Version: 1.2
Author: Imad Jomaa
Submitted: 1st March 2007
Last Updated: 26th January 2008
Tube V 1.2 has been released on: Jan 25, 2008. This is the latest patch provided and upgrading is recommended. The Tube V software easily provides youtube video embedding for your users, by clicking on a simple youtube icon in the posting toolbar. Once they submit their post the youtube link is converted into the youtube player with the desired video ready to play for any user.

Estimated Installation Time: 10 minutes
Files to Edit/Install:

An instructions manual and upgrade guide is provided with this download.

For Support Information you can reach me over at

Or use the link below for forum support:
Click here for Forum Support!

If you have any Questions/Ideas Don't Hesitate to Ask.
Best of Regards, if you have the chance, leave a rating or comment so I know how it's doing.
Thanks, Imad.