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Easy and quick link to commen TrackMania pages

Version: 1.0
Author: Zwoetzen
Submitted: 15th April 2009
Last Updated: 15th April 2009
This plugin offers several MyCodes to easy and fast link to common TrackMania pages, such as TM eXchange, TM CarPark, TM Tube and many more.
Next to creating simple text link, it is possible, to let place an image of the linked content (or the video itself in case of TM Tube) by the plugin.

Next to adding an own settings group in the AdminCP, where you can specify in detail, which tags should be available and which not, the plugin also adds an dynamical created help document, where all users can read the use of the different (activated) tags in detail.

1. Upload the files of the archive to your forum.
2. Activate the plugin in your Admin CP.
3. Go to the Plugin Settings and modify them as you wish.

This plugin has been developed in cooperation with kastun.