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Top Referrers

Show on the index the top referre members.

Version: 0.1
Author: GhostMaster
Submitted: 4th October 2011
Top Referrers


Did you ever want to show the top referrers of the month? Give gifts to the users that most invite other to join? And dont know how to keep the track of the top users? Ok so that is about this plugin, this plugin shows on the index page the top Referrers of a month or a week or a day.
You can show the number on the top you want.

MyBB version support:
1.4 and 1.6

Do whatever you want, but dont resell it or remove the credits, author and sponsor.

1. Extract the php file from the .zip file.
2. Upload to inc/plugins folder.
3. Activate plugin via ACP.
4. Configure the settings on the ACP.

1. Deactivate on the ACP
2. Delete the php from rhe inc/plugins folder.

Change Log:
0.1 - 04.10.2011
First release of the plugin.

This plugin is sponsored by and created by Respect the others work please.
Previews:Preview Image 4446 Preview Image 4447