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TLF Code Vault

A Snippet collection plugin for programming related forums

Version: 1.0
Author: KoBE
Submitted: 28th January 2012
Last Updated: 28th January 2012
This plugin is designed for programming related forums that allows members to submit and view snippets.

  • Approval system with Mod Groups for approving/rejecting code snippets
  • Rejection PM option to be sent for rejected snippets
  • Custom submission text option through the AdminCP
  • Submission PM sent to specific UIDs for notice that new submissions are waiting
  • Syntax highlighting provided by Geshi
  • Minimum posts to view/submit options in AdminCP

  • Ability for mods/admins to add/delete programming languages dynamically
    • Currently this must be done through the backend via phpMyAdmin or a similar program
  • Better UI.
  • Pagination for large number of submissions

Previews:Preview Image 4873 Preview Image 4879 Preview Image 4880