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Theme Redirect

Redirect the user to a custom theme demo site. Multiple sites are supported.

Version: 1.1
Author: JordanMussi
Submitted: 16th March 2013
Last Updated: 8th August 2013
Please don't ask for support in the reviews section, I can't reply there.

Bug reports:

Add redirects to multiple theme demo sites. Each site needs a URL with {theme} located inside it so that it can be replaced by the theme id. Multiple demo sites can be added if a group of theme authors want their themes on their own demo site.

Additional Information
Two Language Files.
No New Templates.
No Template Edits.
No New Settings Group.
No New Settings.
Two New Database Tables.
One New Configuration Page in Admin CP.
One New File in the Front End.

How to Rename the redirect page.
To rename the redirecting page. First rename ./theme_redirect.php to your new name. Next open ./inc/plugins/theme_redirect.php and on line 28 there should be

PHP Code:

Replace theme_redirect.php with the new name.

Previews:Preview Image 6475 Preview Image 6476 Preview Image 6477 Preview Image 6478 Preview Image 6479 Preview Image 6480 
Preview Image 6481