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Text Area resize 2.1

Text Area resize 2.1

Author: Martin M.
Submitted: 20th April 2006
Last Updated: 8th February 2007
Resizeable textareas using javascript.
  • In new reply.
  • In new thread.
  • In Compose Private message.
  • In UCP Notepad.
  • In edit signature.
  • In quick edit mode.

This mod adds +/- buttons in the above templates to make it easier to resize the textareas without having to reload the page aswell :)

- Fixed some bugs.
- Fixed so you can have it on the custom fields in the profile.
- Cleanup.

- Fixed more bugs, how can there be so many in such an small plugin?
- Added support for editpage
- Added support for quick reply
- Added two variables to the plugin, open the plugin and read it.
- Added Not found error if user tries to access the file directly.
- Hopefully everything works, if not, shot me. nah please don't Wink
- Forgot the Copyright aswell.

- Bugfixes
- Added some settings in your Admin cp.

- 1.2 compatible.
- Quick edit compatible.

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