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Allows to use LaTeX code

Author: djs
Submitted: 11th February 2007
Last Updated: 12th February 2007
This plugin adds the ability to embed LaTeX-code as an image into the Forums using the MimeTeX cgi.


[tex]\\int_0^\\infty \\frac{x^3}{\\sqrt {8 \\cdot x}} dx[/tex]

will render as:


1. Download the *.rar
2. Unpack the tex.php
3. Upload it to your MyBB's plugin directory
4. Activate it in the ACP
5. Get codin'

This plugin is using the public MimeTeX-Server at .
There is [b]no[b] warranty about the availability of this service.

For further information about Mimetex visit

If you have a server on your own (vServer, RootServer,..) you are free to compile and run the MimeTeX cgi on it. You just have to change the URL in the tex.php (watch out for an <img>-Tag quite at the bottom of the file).

Have fun with this plugin.
Please do inform me via email (derguru (@) web . de) if you are convenient with the plugin.