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Template Debugger v2.0

On the debug page, it will now display a list of templates used (in order) with values used.

Author: decswxaqz
Submitted: 23rd October 2005
When you click on the debug link at the bottom of every page (if you are an admin) you will see another table. The table is a list of the actual templates used to make the page. The other template information is just a list of ALL the templates needed for that page rather than the ones used. It also counts how many times the template was called so you can roughly see what is needed for each post/row.
It's just a quick mod for developers. So they can know which templates might be causing a graphical error.

In version 2, you can activate a template view mode. This will look like the ordinary page, but when you click and hold your mouse, it will highlight the area that the template covers. The name of the template will be displayed in the browser's status bar so you can easily see the name of the currently highlighted template.