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Tag System

System labels on the issues.

Version: 1.1
Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 2nd March 2012
Last Updated: 20th March 2012
Plugin Name: Tag System
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Email: [email protected]
Plugin Version: 1.1
MyBB Plugin Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English & Spanish

Version 1.1

+ Security Update
+ Tags are added to the portal
+ Portal Configuration Tags

Version 1.0

It is an automatic tagging system vbulletin style ..

How it works?
Good works as follows. First of all have a text box when creating a new topic that allows you to enter tags, the user is required to enter up to 4 tags and with 5 or more letters if you fail to send error creating this topic.
On the other hand you can leave this field tags INTACT then the plugin does is decode the title of the theme and the title takes the words that are more than 5 characters and must necessarily take 6 or more tags.
If the title is not that long to get all 6 tags alone takes 2 or 3 or 4 .. and then let those missing (to reach 6) the message out, what it does is decode the message and outputs the random words with the letters indicated to be tag and complete all 6 tags.
Once removed from the sample in a box under the first post as a torrent-style label.
By clicking on a label sends you to a list of all topics related to that tag showing it so acsendente or down according to the configuration of the admin panel.

The tag cloud shows the index if desired, and shows the number of labels that you want (you enter the number of ACP) and the style you want. There are 3 types of styles to show the cloud in both the index and in the page tags which are:
  • Lyrics normal
  • Image label (Style Taringa)
  • Lyrics of different colors and sizes

The plugin brings the option to activate/deactivate the cloud of the index and therefore can set the number of labels to display in the index can also be configured to the main page of labels.
Also brings the option to enter codes or not allowed to discard the plugin to decode the title and the message!

To install the plugin creates the tags for all items already created.

The plugin is SEO friendly but keep in mind that the plugin does not make the url as follows


if not so


but can be done the other way by the htaccess.
The plugin is in its first version but it works perfectly!

Many users offered me money for this plugin and I wanted oviamente for all my people can have it but here I see that I was offered to more than 15 usd not asking much just a small donation ...
To donate via paypal to the account of [email protected] and of course keep in mind that including them in all media (about my plugins) and I ask for special updates

Agradesco to all users who have been following my path of plugins and be my friends ;)


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